The Trends editorial staff is backed by a network of business experts who share tips, inside information, privately distributed reports, speeches, and their own developed sources. These inputs are filtered through a time-tested content analysis process coupled with Trends’ own proprietary methodology.

Trends is published monthly by Audio-Tech Inc., which has been publishing critically acclaimed business resources (including Audio-Tech Business Book Summaries, Business Briefings, and Innovation@Work) for an elite clientele of executives since 1993. Our products have been reviewed and highly recommended by The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Investor’s Business Daily, Fast Company and many other publications.

There is no way you could cost effectively match this input and this output.

Embryonic trends are emerging everywhere, but few business watchers see them. Only Trends identifies them for you and accurately forecasts the fads as well as the paradigm shifts.

To do so, Trends combines “Content Analysis” with our own proprietary techniques.

“Content Analysis” was invented by Allied intelligence services in World War II. Now, after six decades, it’s still crucial for identifying and analyzing trends at the CIA and other intelligence agencies. In fact, members of the CIA, the FBI, and the Pentagon all subscribe to Trends. So do executives at Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and other cutting-edge companies.

Trends is a solid source, an informed source, that will tell you what trends to expect — and how you can profit from them.  It will give you “inside” information so you’ll have a terrific jump on others who don’t have access to red-hot trend-developments.

Think of the monthly Trends listening experience as a brainstorming session designed to get your creative juices flowing.  Many firms have purchased Trends subscriptions for their whole executive team.  As such, the monthly issue forms the agenda for a meeting at which the team discusses the possible implications of the latest trends for their specific business.  And it’s not just the current issue that’s discussed but the implications of trends from prior issues in the context of new issues.

Business intelligence is crucial to sustained success…

Winners are constantly aware of the changes going on in the world, as well as those in their own industry.  If you’re like most business professionals, you know what your current customers, suppliers and competitors are doing.  But do you understand the trends that are impacting not only your firm, but your customers, your competitors, and your suppliers?

You will — when you listen to Trends!

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