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As someone who receives their subscription via electronic delivery (MP3/PDF), we have great news for you. Now setting up a podcast for your subscription is as easy as clicking on one of the following links below.

iTunes: itpc://[i4w_db_id]Other podcatching applications:[i4w_db_id]

Now let me answer some common questions:

Q: What is podcasting and why should I do it?

A: Podcasting is a delivery method which allows you to receive your monthly issue directly to your computer. As soon as we release an issue, you receive it immediately. No more logging in to our website to get your latest issue (although you still have access to your online library). Through podcasting your issues will come directly to you.

Q: I am currently receiving my issue via podcast. When I update the link, will it affect any of my previous issues that I received?

A: No, it will not affect any issues you previously received, but you do need to update to this current link in order to continue to receive your issues via podcast.

Q: How far back will the podcast feed go?

A: The podcast feed goes back only a couple of months. You still have access to previous articles via your online library at

Q: Will the podcast work once my subscription has expired?

A: No. Once your subscription lapses, the podcast will stop working.

Q: There are 2 links, so which link should I use?

A: Which link you use depends on the type of podcatching software that you have installed on your computer.

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